get toned – let’s talk toners

get toned – let’s talk toners

Toners are such a misunderstood category. Some people think as a category they are unnecessary and at one time a toner was simply an alcohol and water-based product that was swabbed or sprayed onto the skin.

We like to think of toner as more so ‘prep for your pores’ as they bring your skin back to optimal pH and prepare the skin to absorb active ingredients efficiently.

At skoah our toners have very different purposes. They do not contain alcohol and are not designed to ‘tighten pores’ or ‘dry out’ the skin.

So what is a toner?

Toners look & feel like water (H20), but it’s so much more than H and O.

It’s a fast-penetrating liquid that delivers skin a quick hit of hydration and helps remove dead skin cell off the surface. Think of toner as a primer for the rest of your skincare routine. It brings skin back to its natural acidic state (approximate pH of 5.5), sweeps away impurities and helps your skin absorb your skincare products efficiently.

When should I tone?

An easy way to remember is that anytime water touches your face – whether it’s after cleansing, exfoliating or removing a mask – you should tone your skin as water is at a pH of 7 and we need rebalance our skin back to a pH of 5.5. This ensures that your skin is primed at it’s optimal pH which allows subsequent products to work at their best.

Pro tip:  use your subsequent skin care products no more than a minute after toning, as applying active ingredients immediately to damp skin after allows the molecules to penetrate the skin better and deliver better results.

skoah toners

tonik – an alcohol free and intensely hydrating facial toner, contains hyaluronic acid derived from cucumbers. Great for all skin types, spritz after cleansing and throughout the day to keep your skin perfectly balance and feeling fresh.

turbo tonik – this toner contains our blemish blaster blend to help with decreasing oil production and the formation of black heads. Featuring oleanolic acid from the seed of randia plant which is an ingredient that leads the way in the reduction of sebum production and free radical and polysorbate-80 which helps break down blackheads. This is a great toner for anyone who has oiler skin or an active lifestyle!

glow tonik – looking for the easiest way to exfoliate your skin? This toner contains malic acid and alpha hydroxy acids from apples and grapes to gently exfoliate your skin. Either spritz on at night 3-4 times a week or apply with a cotton pad to ensure you are getting rid of dead skin and unleashing your glow.


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