We deliver customized facials - just for you. We call them skin care workouts. These workouts include deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, customized masks, and muscle-melting massage. Don't worry, these workouts are relaxing, blissful, and 'sweat-free'.

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power facial

our core workout

drop in $115 | glow member $85  | glow + member $75

This energetic facial workout is the perfect way to maintain your skin care groove.


extraction-free deep exfoliation

drop in $175 | glow member $145 | glow + member $135

Go deep with a wonderfully rejuvenating glycolic peel


workout and cooldown

drop in $165 | glow member $135 | glow + member $125

For when you need a little more "me time". An extended version of our classic facial workout. Comes with a muscle-melting foot and arm

skulpt & tone

stimulate + circulate

drop in $135 | glow member $105 | glow + member $95

Our core facial workout enhanced with a jade roller and gua sha treatment to stimulate circulation.

refresh hydrafacial™

45 minute treatment

drop in $240 | glow member $210 | glow + member $200 

The powerful combination of a hydrafacial with skoah's simply powerful skin care, all done with the expert facial massage technique of a high skilled skin care trainer.

glow n' go hydrafacial™

20 minute treatment

drop in $190 | glow member $160 | glow + member $150

Short on time? This facial is focused down to three essential steps: cleanse & peel, extract and rejuvenate. 

hydraliscious hydrafacial™

75 minute treatment

drop in $310 | glow member $280 | glow + member $270

A kiss & twist on skoah's classic facialiscious featuring the best combination of manual and technology-aided treatments along with the skoah trademark head to toe massage. 


We offer membership plans that are fully customizable to your schedule and needs. Learn more.

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  • glow

    12 power facials per year at $85 per month

  • glow plus

    12 facialiscious per year at $125 per month

  • yearly

    8 power facials per year for $680 annually

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