hydra-dew you wonder?

Our hydradew mask is one of our most popular products- so of course we get a lot of questions about it. From how to best use it to ... eating it?? We're here to answer all of your frequently asked questions!

Do I wash it off because it is a mask? You can after 15 minutes, but you can also leave it on underneath your moisturizer for a dose of additional hydration for the day. We like to say it's a drink of water for your skin, as your skin will absorb it. An easy way to quench your skin!

Is it.. honeydew? It sure does sound similar to hydradew, but no it isn't honeydew. The oil-free hydration actually comes from sea kelp algae! Similar to aloe vera, algae retains water and actually holds more water than aloe vera. That being said- hydradew is also great for sunburns (keep that in mind for the looming summer sun).

It smells soooo good, can I eat it?? As amazing as it smells, we wouldn't suggest ingesting it. Granted we haven't personally tried, but it'll probably be a lot better on your skin than in your belly ;) You can definitely put it in your fridge though to have a cool dose of hydradew on your morning face, just don't mistaken it for your breakfast.

It feels so good on my face, could I take a bath in hydradew? Technically you could use it all over your body if you needed to, but you'd probably need a lot of hydradew. Again, it really is great for sunburns if it does come up in the summer - but hopefully you don't get a full body burn!

When's the best time to use it? Honestly whenever you feel like your skin is a little dry, whether it's your entire face or just a few spots. The signs of dryness are tightness in your skin and flaking. You can use it once or twice a day depending on how dry your skin is feeling.

I think I'm addicted... is it bad that I use it all the time?? Not at all, since hydradew works on all skin types and is oil-free, you can definitely be addicted. So even using it twice a day, every day, is totally fine! As long as you have happy, hydrated skin, we won't tell you no.

-skoah krew





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