Take a March Break

Take a March Break

March is here, and once again we are tricked into thinking Spring is too. Sure, we get glimpses...a random sunshiny day, a warm front, and Spring fashion all over the place. We see the Instagram photos of friends on beaches, boats or pool side, sipping mango margaritas and pomegranate daiquiris. But then wham! Another storm comes through dumping snow, or rain and wind and we are suddenly reminded of the seemingly endlessness of winter.

But fear not! Here are our tips for 'Taking a March Break' without going anywhere at all, or if so, within a couple hours’ drive!

If you have an hour:

-book a facial (of course!) and request one of our fruitier creams for your massage. -download a bunch of surf videos and crack a bottle of Kona Brewing Company's Big Wave Golden Ale. -Meditate! There are tons of apps and resources now, but even sitting still and silent will change your day. -Hit a yoga class. Hot yoga if you want a tropical blast. -Surf the web for the very best sundress and dedicate the time to finding the perfect one. -Get a spray tan (sunless) and basque in your skin safe glow. -pour a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc and take an hour to read a mindless magazine.

If you have 24 hours:

Beach Inspired City Slicking - Book a hotel in your city, hit the pool (indoors), order iced tea, bring your favourite beach tunes, a stack of books. Then hit the hotel bar's Happy Hour, head to the hottest restaurant in town, and best of all sleep in and order breakfast in bed.

Nature Packed and Active - Google B and B's within 60 miles of your house. Pick one and book it for a night. Search the area for local hikes and pack a lunch and go for it, rain or shine! Spend the evening with a beautiful bottle of red and a book.

Rest and Restore - Spend the afternoon and hit 2 fitness classes you've never tried. Choose one active (spin, boot camp, barre) and one restorative (yoga) or take a walk. Cook a clean meal, read and sip lavender tea before an early bedtime. Wake up early, go for a walk, then hit the spa for your favourite service.

If you have a weekend:

Hit the next town within a 3 hour drive. Pick a boutique hotel and book 2 nights. Ask the concierge for the best restaurant advice and make a reservation for the first night. Hit the town's market the next day and pick up local crafts and gifts and snacks for the evening. Head to a local happy hour, then spend the evening in your room with a selection of cheese and snacks from the day's market. Wake up early, and take a hike, or go for a long walk in town.

Within a 2 hour flight:

Find last minute flight and hotel packages to the biggest city near you. Book a flight as close to after work as possible. Upgrade to the Airport Lounge and start with apps and a highball. Catch a movie on the flight and arrive ready to hit the town. Go to a dining hotspot, then go dancing or to a jazz bar or show. The next day, take a city tour and get to know the place, hop on and off the tour wherever your interest takes you. Look up the best new restaurants and eat each course at a different place with a night cap at the last one. On your last day, take a walk and go for a long brunch before your quick flight back home.

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