Let Your Love Glow

Let Your Love Glow

In this industry, every day can feel like Valentine's Day. Okay, well...maybe not exactly. It's not like we're up to our ears in roses, drinking pink champagne and "just taking a little bite" of everything in the assorted box of truffles, every day. Which in hindsight, is probably a good thing. But what we do feel daily, is the love and appreciation for our kustomers! Which isn't the emphasis on love the whole point of Valentine's Day in the first place? That or getting tagged in a photo with someone so your relatives get off your back.

The facial grind is highly rewarding, because we get to make people feel good, while doing what we love. For us, there's nothing better than hearing how we've changed someones skin, someones mood, or their day for the better. So we're sharing some of the cute love notes and messages that you send us so you know just how much we appreciate you, because the feelings are mutual!

"Just received the best facial I've ever had, in my life. My skin feels like new skin. I just had a stranger, comment on how "fresh" I smelled, as a result of the moisturizer you put on my face. Over the years, I've had numerous facials... but never anything as great as the facial I had today." -Gail L

"I have never had better facials and all-around experience! Absolutely worth the drive for the amazing aestheticians and staff. Thank you all!!" - Kat W

"I love that your products are natural, vegan friendly and not tested on animals! Bravo!" - Helen "Simply put, I just LOVE everything about skoah." - Sammi O

"I love skoah, a little personal touch goes a long way and makes clients feel appreciated!" - Rosa

"I've missed you skoah, thanks for the relaxing morning!" - Regan K

"Wow. My facial just rocked my world, totally fabulous!" - Megan E

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, starting your Saturday morning with a facial is a best way to start your day. Thank you for another amazing facial today! I'm ready to take on the weekend!" - Em I

"Booked a flight to BC just so I can get a facial next week!" - Christina

"My current obsession, your lip balm, it's the friggin bomb dot com." - Erin P

"My monthly sanctuary! As I get older, I'm realising how truly important 'me time' is." - Jaki M

"I had a facial worth singing from the rooftops about. Your facialicious is pure fabness - LOVE IT!" - Mary-Jo D

"My skin is feeling glowy, soft, and the service was amazing as always! Thanks for the treat!" - Emily

"Thank you for the skin workout. I always feel a little more confident after an appointment with you guys!" - Jaki M

"Thank you skoah krew for a relaxing and cleansing facial yesterday. To say I really needed it is an understatement." - Olga E

"Just had an amazing facial, thank you, I feel frickin' amazing. You're my go to place for years!" - Vanes  

Wishing everyone days filled with moments of peace, self care, and love!

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