product spotlight: gold kream

product spotlight: gold kream

The gold kream is one of skoah’s most powerful products for anti-aging! When you are looking for great results in an age defying cream – you want to look for a product with powerful peptides.

The gold kream is a great addition to your routine if you are already loving the gold serum. When used together, the combination is the ultimate duo in anti-aging! The gold kream will lock in the moisture and peptides in the uppermost layers of your skin.

A common misconception about the gold kream is that since it is jam packed with peptides and hydration, that it would feel heavier than our other moisturizers …but this is false! It has the same consistency as our face kream (35% lipid, 65% water – think baby skin!). If you are finding it a bit too heavy, considering adding a touch of hydradew to the gold kream to lighten it up without affecting the integrity and powerful ingredients of the gold kream!

Wondering on how to fit the gold kream into your routine? Since it’s a moisturizer, it can easily fit in as your primary moisturizer or as a night cream. It’s also great if you’re looking to simplify your routine and stick to a cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine. Since it has all the active peptides that are also in serums, you get to cut out an additional step if you don’t have the time.

At skoah we love to kocktail our products to find the perfect kustomized fit! If your preference is to have a matte finish, but you are loving the gold kream, use a thin layer of face skotion 30 on top. Get the matte finish you want, with the benefits of the gold kream and SPF protection!

At night, start with your hydradew for oil-free hydration. Once your skin soaks this up, add a thin layer of kalm down mask. Finally, finish off with a layer of gold kream to not only seal everything in, but work it’s gold magic. Wake up hydrated and glowing!

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