get ready with us! (st.paddy's day)

get ready with us! (st.paddy's day)

Get ready for St.Patrick's Day with us! Well we can't really give you the beautiful scenic views of Ireland, or celebratory green beverages, but we can make sure your skin continues to glow no matter what you do today. Follow our skoah rainbow to the pot of golden glow-ah. ps. these steps work really well for any day you have a long day or night out and are really feeling the skin hangover ;)

Pre-St.Paddy's: What to do before you go out!

Today isn't like any other day, today you are going to live, laugh, experience the trauma of face paint, and probably have multiple types of liquid spilled on you. So let's make sure your skin is ready!

1) Use your favourite cleanser and toner to start your routine. You can even get in the green mood right away with our gel kleanser and turbo tonik! Apply your kleanser to dry skin and rinse off, and then wet a cotton pad with your toner and apply to your entire face.

2) Are you going to be outside? Make sure you use an spf like our face skotion 30! Otherwise a great option to make sure your skin is flawless before you go out (and ready for anything) is our gold kream. Packed with all of our peptides, you can hydrate your skin as well as get the firming and calming attributes needed to reach that pot of gold.

3) If you're going to be putting on any face paint, fake tattoos, stickers, or just don't know what the weather is going to throw at you- better be safe than sorry and apply a bit of face balm! It'll create a protective barrier for your skin, and make life a whole lot easier tomorrow.


Post-St.Paddy's: Cure the skin hangover!

After a long day out, and maybe a few too many green beers- your skin will feel the struggle too. But you'd be surprised how a few products will bring it back to life!

1) Remove any eye make-up with klean slate, and any unwanted face paint make-up with waterless kleanser. Then continue your regular cleanse and tone routine! Now would also be a great time to exfoliate, but lets be honest you might be too tired for a whole AHA mask routine so you can either tackle 2-in-1 by using our skrubbin face wash as your cleanser, or glow tonik as your toner.

2) Do you feel awake yet? Almost? This is a great chance to use our eye kandy gel or eye kandy kream as it contains peptides to help fight dark circles and puffiness. For an extra boost of cool refreshment, have your eye kandy gel cool down in the fridge and then apply it.

3) Your skin is most likely in major need of hydration, so as you cheers to the morning with a glass of water, now is a great time to apply our gold serum. With one or two drops of the gold serum, apply this to your face (not eye area) and tap to activate the peptides. This tapping also works well to just wake you up ;)

4) Today is not like any other day, you're going to want to make sure you stay hydrated so before you put on your favourite moisturizer, add a thin layer of our hydradew mask on. Your skin will definitely drink this up and thank you.

Trust us, when your skin is revived you will feel like you can take on any challenge (or at least look like you can).

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