summer skin care - tips & tricks!

summer skin care - tips & tricks!

Maintaining your summer glow while also on the road can be tricky – here are some tips & tricks to make it manageable and easy to pack up!

  1. Never skip packing your cleanser! Yes, wipes may seem easier to not only pack but use during your trips, but they don’t effectively clean your skin, leaving behind makeup, dirt and residue from your adventures.
  2. Multipurpose with your products. Tonik is not only a great toner to balance your skin’s pH, but it can be used as a midday refresher or even to set your makeup.
  3. Find 2-in-1 products – the skrubbin’ face wash is a great example of a 2-in-1 product as it is both a cleanser and an exfoliant (and gentle enough to use every day!).
  4. Bring along a broad-spectrum protection layer – the face lotion 25 is an oil free, hydrating moisturizer that will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Use it as the top layer of your daytime routine, and if your skin is a bit dryer, use a touch of your non-SPF moisturizer first.
  5. Bring your hydradew mask – trust us. This one will help you with keeping your hydration up (and keep you glowing), help relieve any sunburns and generally cool you down.
  6. Pack minis of your products so that you have everything you need without taking up additional space. Check out our glow on the go kits!

You may be taking a vacation from your life, but that doesn’t mean you should take a vacation from your skin care!



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