holiday poem 2015

The holiday season has come in real quick With presents and bubbly and gifts that are slick.

The cold weather bluster is taking its toll, On wind ravished cheeks with a pinkish tinged nose.

The stockings are stuffed with some skin saving skoah, To bring to the season some much needed glow-ah.

Come in for a facial to relax and unwind, You surely will leave just a little more kind.

Venture out into Aunt Rosie's big feast With Great Uncle Sandy carving up the big beast.

And cousin Louis and her famous Egg Nog, Has left the whole family in a bit of a fog.

So this holiday season relax and reflect, It will never be everything and for sure not perfect.

But the purpose of the season is peace, friendship and love, For a world that needs more than a symbolic white dove.

So open our hearts, but our minds more than ever, And let our hearts guide us, must be our endeavour.

Happy Holidays to all With Hope for a Mindful, Peaceful and Joyful New Year!


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