roadtrip: out of Seattle, into relaxation

roadtrip: out of Seattle, into relaxation

Second Stop: Seattle

If you've been sleepless in Seattle lately, maybe it's time for a roadtrip! Whether it's a day trip or a weekend trip, here are some amazing spots to stop at.

Head south and experience a whole new type of city. Not only is the no sales tax great for your shopping thirst, but Portland has tons of amazing sites to see and food to taste. Get outside and visit one of their many gardens (Lan Su Chinese Garden, International Rose Test Garden), or go inside and have some of the best coffee ever (Stumptown Coffee Roasters).

Oregon Wine Country
Step out of the cities and head into wine country for an amazing relaxing day trip. There are tons of wine trails to suit your wine needs (because who doesn't have wine needs), so spend a day discovering your new favourite vinos.

Oregon Coast
A little further from Seattle and Portland, take a few days to tackle the Oregon Coast. Go whale watching in Depoe bay, go surfing for the first time at Oswald West State Park, or just sit back and relax on the beach- there is something for everyone!

San Francisco or L.A.
Want more coast? Head further south and take a week to explore San Francisco and/or Los Angeles! This way you'll keep the sights, good food, and sun going on and on. If you haven't been on a trolley in San Francisco or checked out the Hollywood stars, then why not!

These are a few of our favourite stops, what are yours? Let us know about your roadtrip! ps. do your funny roadtrip stories trump these? Share them with us!

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