reach for gold and get more

Our gold kollection addict, Natasha, definitely can't get enough of it. Gold every day, all year long. Here are her tips and tricks to best use gold so that you can reap the benefits while also tackling specific skin concerns life can throw at you.

Daily Night Mask

hydradew, kalm down mask, gold kream Start with your hydradew for oil-free hydration. Once your skin soaks this up, add a thin layer of kalm down mask. Finally, finish off with a layer of gold kream to not only seal everything in, but work it's gold magic.

Light Day Wear

gold serum, face lotion 25, face skotion 30 This is perfect for those who don't want something heavy for day wear. Before going out, add a pump or two of gold serum under your face lotion 25 or face skotion 30. This way you'll get the benefits of the gold serum, with a lighter moisturizer that includes SPF. Take on that sun with your glowing skin!

Extra Calm

kontrol serum, gold serum, dewlux face kream If you need an extra boost of calming peptides, just add one pump of kontrol serum with one pump of gold serum. To keep working on any anti-aging concerns you can use the dewlux face kream as your moisturizer.

Major Hydration

gold serum, skin quench serum, hydradew, dewlux lite face kream Harsh winds, changing seasons, there's lots reasons why your skin might be more dry than usual. Switch up your routine and use one pump of gold serum with one pump of skin quench serum. Add a layer of hydradew afterwards, because it never hurts to have a little extra hydration. Finish off with a thin layer of dewlux lite face kream if you're heading out for the day so you can include SPF in your routine. What's your golden combination?

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