All About Our Summer Glow Feature Facial

All About Our Summer Glow Feature Facial

Get your skoah glow-ah this July with our feature summer facial - the “summer glow!” Intensely hydrate and refresh your skin with this relaxing and rejuvenating facial that will leave you ready for all of your summer adventures. 

All of July’s fun in the sun builds tension in our skin, especially when we are dehydrated or overtired from a lack of water and sleep amongst all of summer’s excitement! Luckily, the summer glow facial will tackle your skin’s summer struggles, with super hydrating products and of course, the support from your skoah skin care trainers!

Featuring our iconic, skoah exclusive hydradew mask at the professional-grade level. Hydradew is an oil-free and gel-based mask that features a group of ingredients called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). They are water-binding and are able to hold nearly 1000 times their weight, which means tons of hydration for your skin! 

Did you know? Our professional-grade hydradew mask is 10 times more hydrating than aloe vera? Read more about the benefits of GAGs here)

This facial will cool your skin and assure it is receiving the hydration it needs to build a healthy moisture barrier. It also includes a muscle melting hand and arm massage, which will help you to relax after all of your beach volleyball playing, cool drink holding, and sun tanning. Your skin will be left looking and feeling refreshed, dewy, and hydrated after our summer glow feature facial!


Book yours now at your favourite skoah shop either online, in-person, or on the phone. Find more information via the booking link on or by contacting your local shop.


P.S. Hoping to enhance your summer glow even more? Our glow up or skulpt & tone add-ons are here to help! The glow-up add-on uses an ultrasonic wand to create a deeper cleanse and improve product absorption. The skulpt & tone features our pure white jade gua sha and facial roller set, which enhances your facial results by stimulating circulation, reducing puffiness and inflammation, boosting the absorption of serums, and increasing your skin’s elasticity.

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