3 Alternative Ways to use Hydradew Mask

3 Alternative Ways to use Hydradew Mask

We all know and love this iconically skoah face mask, but did you know the benefits of hydradew are beyond just a simple rinse off hydrating gel mask? Here are 3 creative ways to use the hydradew mask.


1) Leave it under your moisturizer

skoah's Hydradew mask is an oil-free, lightweight, hydrating gel mask that settles well once your skin absorbs it! Although it is intended as a rinse off mask, you can add a dose of additional hydration by applying a light layer underneath, or mixing a drop of hydradew into your daily moisturizer!



 2) Put it in your fridge

Mornings don’t have to mean groggy puffy faces! Put your hydradew mask in the fridge to have a cool dose of hydradew to soothe and de-puff your skin before you start your day!



 3) Use it for sunburns & irritation

Planning to stay out and catch some rays this summer? Although it’s important to stay protected with SPF - we all get sunburns once in a while. Our hydradew mask is really great for soothing any burns or irritation!

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