3 reasons to get the summer-sized hydradew mask

3 reasons to get the summer-sized hydradew mask

Our iconically skoah summer sized hydradew mask is back, and here are 3 reasons to try this ultra hydrating mask:

1) Smart Nutrient 

This oil-free, gel-based mask features a group of ingredients called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). GAGs are a group of naturally-occurring molecule substances that support youthfulness in skin. The GAGs found in our hydradew mask are derived from vegetable skins, which is where hyaluronic acid is also found. This ‘smart nutrient’ is a humectant, which is a category of skin care ingredients that draws moisture from their surroundings, enhancing the moisture content in products! This results in your skin being kept stable, renewed and safeguarded - which translates through softer, smoother, and more radiantly hydrated skin!

With consistent use of our hydradew mask, you can expect improved skin firmness - giving you the appearance of a more plump, youthful and dewy glow!


2) Lightweight hydration for all skin types

Sea kelp algae is another powerhouse ingredient found in our hydradew mask. This ingredient provides our hydradew mask with its lightweight gel texture - perfect for the warm summer months! The lightweight consistency also ensures that no matter your skin type - from oily to dry - you can enjoy the hydrating benefits of this mask without feeling too heavy or greasy after!

3) Limited edition 100g size

The hydradew mask we all know and love comes in the 50g size, now imagine doubling that in our 100g limited summer-size edition! Aside from that, this year’s summer size comes in a brand new airless container, meaning you get to bask in every last drop of fresh hydradewiness. 

If having happy and hydrated skin is in your summer plans this year - shop our summer-size hydradew mask now while quantities last!


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