The Skoah Story

skoah began in 2001 in Vancouver's Yaletown District. The original vision was to create a full service spa with a different attitude and atmosphere. This was defined as approachable and unintimidating. The decor was minimal, gender neutral and calming. skoah's first tag line was No Whale Music, No Bubbling Cherubs, No Pretentious Attitudes.

Constantly seeking to innovate and create, the founders began exploring the industry in role model cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and London. Single service nail bars were beginning to pop up and they knew Vancouver was next. When they looked at the services they offered and spoke to the team, facials were the clear choice for two reasons. First, estheticians loved to give educational and relaxing facials, and facials afforded the opportunity to connect and build a long standing relationship with a guest.

In 2003, skoah launched a facials only concept and launched it's proprietary skin care product line with 5 products. In the facials, the product used to deliver the experience was tested, feedback was taken, and then new products were crafted into retail products based on feedback and demand. While there are many single service concepts now, skoah blazed a trail in creating the first-to-market facials-only shop. Creating and owning this category with a proprietary product line brought the level of expertise up as the Skin Care Trainers (estheticians) are intimately and deeply familiar with the products. skoah became the first facials-only concept with a membership model and a proprietary product line, long before single service concepts took off.

Many of skoah’s customers have never been to a spa. skoah was a completely new experience in their lives. Relying on an empathetic Skin Care Trainer who listens to understand, has been the most critical building block. Hiring a chemist to develop products meant we could guide the process by listening to real customer needs and desires.

Our goal is to bring skoah’s uniquely personalized skin care training – and roadmap to healthy skin – into new communities across North America one face at a time. skoah has become a place to learn about your skin and how to take care of it. But most importantly its a place to always leave with a “skoah glow” and feeling great from the skin in.