simply powerful skin care

In 2003, we set out to create a plant based line of high performance skin care.

We were puzzled by the frequent use of low quality ingredients and complicated product descriptions.  We kept hearing: “I want skin care products that are easy to understand, easy to use and get results.”  We listened.  

Our products were developed in the treatment room not the boardroom, based on the needs of our facial guests  - not the latest fad, trend, or market report.

Utilizing botanical extracts, natural minerals, organic compounds and powerful bio-actives, we combined the best of science and nature to craft manufacture our original 5 products.

Our skin care products continue to be designed with purpose and created with care, using exceptional quality ingredients.

Plant based. High performance. Just for you.

The result is high performance skin care with a fresh, natural feel.

Experience beautiful British Columbia's secret to healthy, glowing skin. 

Simply powerful skin care.


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