why i dream of gold kream

We definitely have our fair share of gold addicts (for more proof check out our gold kollection blog here), hear from our krew why they love gold kream and why it'll be your skin's dream come true.

gold at any age

The gold kream moisturizer is a heavenly blend of natural goodness to help defy age and hydrate my skin to the next level. At age 25, I am not too concerned with ageing skin just yet, but I want to help prolong the life of my skin cells and delay those signs of ageing. Currently, I use gold kream once per day before I go to bed and let it do its magic overnight. As my skin matures, I will double up and use it day and night for even more age-defying power! In the meantime, I use skoah's face kream during the day, as it has the same oil content as the gold kream, so it is a very comfortable combination. Gold kream has everything you'd ever need to stretch the laws of time. It has a silky, buttery texture and smells like a field of marigolds; it is absolutely dreamy! I can't imagine going a night without it, not just because it feels amazing, but also because I know I'm doing everything I can to help my skin stay healthy and glowing; all from one little magical product.

- Samantha Stockman

gold power

The gold kream is one of skoah's most powerful products for anti-aging! When you're looking for great results in a age defying cream, you will most likely read that peptides are the way to go. These molecules have a naturally regenerative effect to the skin. I love this products because it is a go to for when the skin needs deep hydration, and noticeable results. It works beautifully as a night cream for most all skin types. If your skin is particularly dry or sensitive, use it in the morning and at night. I personally love to use it just a few nights a week, when my skin is feeling dry and tired. I know my skin will still be hydrated and dewy by morning. Our gold kream is a favourite with our long time skoaholics and skin care trainers, because it simply equals results.

- Kendra Dutchak

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