gold kream Q&A

We've rounded up your most asked questions about our gold kream. Give it a try - you'll see why we love it so much!

I use gold serum, can I use gold kream with it?

The gold kream is a great addition to your routine if you already love the gold serum! Since it's a moisturizer, it'll lock in the moisture and peptides in the uppermost layers of your skin. They are the ultimate duo in anti-aging!

Does the gold kream feel heavier than other moisturizers?

You would think since the gold kream is so jam packed with peptides and hydration that it would feel heavier than our other moisturizers, but it actually has the same consistency as our face kream. Come in and try it out, we love doing a blind test.

I'm too young to worry about anti-aging, why do I need to try gold kream?

While gold kream is an anti-aging powerhouse, it is suitable for all skin types and you don't have to have mature skin to start using it. Prevention can start as early as your 20s and signs of aging or damage can still be reversed for skin in our 30s.

How would the gold kream fit into my routine?

Since it's a moisturizer, it can easily fit in as your primary moisturizer or as a night cream. It's also great if you're looking to simplify your routine and stick to a cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine. Since it has all the active peptides that are also in serums, you get to cut out an additional step if you don't have the time.

I don't want a dewy finish during the daytime, can I do this with the gold kream?

Since our gold kream does give a dewy finish (similar to our dewlux and face kream), if you do want a more matte finish during the day you can actually use our face skotion 30 on top. This way you'll get the matte finish you want, SPF protection, and all the goodness of your gold kream.

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