stampede prep 🐴 with skoah !

stampede prep 🐴 with skoah !

This isn't our first rodeo, and you'll definitely find us stomping around the Stampede this year. Get ready with us - Stampede style! Whether it's your first time, or 20th, here are our top tips from skin, sun, and beyond from one of our Calgary managers, Lexa.

1. Look the part!! Yes that means cowboy boots...

What's Stampede without its country twang? Whether you're an everyday cowboy or an everyday business man, who says you can't get those boots out on the dance floor? While you're pulling out your best moves and your friends are laughing at your groove, be sure to be wearing your cowboy boots.

2. Feel your best!!

Confidence is key. Feeling your best can make the day so much better. Start with your usual skin care regime and then throw on a thin layer of our illuminating tinted moisturizer! With its light weight feel you'll forget you're even wearing it; your natural glow will leave you feeling beautiful from the skin in! Added benefit: it has SPF 25, so you'll be protected from the sun!

3. Speaking of sun protection...

S.P.F. stands for simply powerful and fun. Right? Okay technically it's sun protection factor, but protect against both UVA and UVB rays with our body lotion 30. No one wants to get home to see that they're as bright as a cherry, throw the bottle in your bag and make sure to reapply every two hours. Not only will it keep you protected, but it will also leave you smelling like summer!

4. Stay Hydrated!!

Your body sure can take a hit being under the sun all day. Make sure to stay hydrated! Keep a water bottle on you at all times. Think plain water is boring? Try adding your favourite fruits, this summer skoah is all about the infused water! And don't stop there with the hydration. Keep your skin feeling and looking fresh with our cucumber infused tonik! You can never use too much, so spritz as needed.

5. Take care of your feet!!

While you're stomping your feet to the Stampede beat, make sure to use feet treat foot spray and you're guaranteed to make it through the whole week! Every night refresh and cool your overworked feet with our minty foot spray. These boots were made for walking, so give your boots a spritz to keep them odourless and ready for round two!

What are your top tips for the Stampede? Share your top tips and favourite experiences with us @skoah, and stay tuned for our Stampede recovery tips.

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