his & hers

his & hers

The products she buys, but he uses. The things he uses, but she borrows. Here are the secret skoah products our krew can't live without that belong to him, and the ones he can't keep his paws off of.

power tonik - for her

It might be in our men's line but our power tonik is a hit with the ladies. Not only does it help balance the pH level of your skin, but it triple exfoliates, and helps with redness and ingrowns (shaving saviour).

charcoal kleanser - for him

Chock full of charcoal, this kleanser packs a punch for all skin types. Great for men with oilier skin, but gentle enough to be used daily.

face lotion 25 - for her

This moisturizer may be labelled for men, but don't let that fool you. Ladies love this oil-free moisturizer that also has SPF 25 to protect them from the daily sun.

AHA mask - for him

Well he might not choose to use it, this might be more of a force of hand that he appreciates. What better way to bond with the man in your life than to sit there and exfoliate together with a mask. AHA gently removes that tough layer of dead skin he doesn't realize he has.

shave kream - for her

Lets be real here, she is already using his razor. Might as well use his shave kream to give you a closer shave too! Plus you'll be so super smooth you won't ever go another shave without his shaving goodies.

skin boost serum - for him

He may not be sure what a serum does (it penetrates the deeper levels of your epidermis to work some skin magic), but he knows it helps his skin glow. Skin boost serum will give him both the hydration he needs and attention to anti-aging skin.

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