September is a funny month. While summer hasn't completely ended, it seems like we pack it all in as soon as the first non-sunny August day hits. We pull out our sweaters, boots, favourite jeans, and crave scarves and pumpkin spice lattes or red wine and fireplaces. 

September is also a bit of a reboot. Many of us start to crave routine and some discipline after summer's carefree and often schedule-less days. I am a big fan of goal setting and have spent the past week settling in on getting serious about my goals. 

To me, goals are like a compass. When I feel like my life is getting too full of commitments and I am saying yes to too many things, I realize that I have lost my way and have come away from my goals. In fact, it usually means that I have either crossed some off my list and need new goals, or that I have set goals that were not meaningful enough to stick in my brain as a focal point. 

There are countless ways to set goals, but I usually focus on 3 distinct areas of my life: 

  • Career/Business
  • Health and Wellness
  • Personal

From there, I start with a 10 year vision of what those three things look like. Then I break my goals into 1, 3 and 5 year goals in each category. This has worked well for me over the years, but I was recently directed to a Brian Tracey App called ‘Goal Wizard.’ I love this App for a few reasons. First, you can track progress on the app, which creates accountability. It keeps the goals top of mind and even has a gauge where you can slide a button to help you understand if you are aligned or misaligned in your progress and priorities in life. In setting and moving in the direction of my goals, I have found that my focus on how I spend my time is more strategic. 

September has also meant getting into routines related to wellness. This ties directly to my goals. Scheduling time to exercise and time to be more mindful of my health means I respect that. Despite it being a part of life to enjoy indulgences such as great meals and wine, resetting and tuning into where you can grow is important. For example, in the past, I didn't make great breakfast choices. But each morning now, I blend a shake from These shakes have become an important part of my daily routine. I have just ordered the Deep Cleanse 3-day plan, which is designed to reset my body and give me a boost of nutrient-dense energy. I feel like it is a kick start to my goals. My favourite is the Greens D-tox!

And while the summer days are still showing up (in between the almost fall-like days), the gradual progression towards mindful goals and practices is a natural part of seasonal changes. That is until the holiday season is here...and then all bets are off. But in all seriousness, life is about finding times to know when to let our discipline and routines slide, and when to pull them up and stay on track. 

So on that note, I am off to enjoy a smoothie, and finish writing my goals. Happy September! 


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