Everyone loves a good cocktail! Skincare cocktails are our secret sauce, and this month we are sharing some of our favourite high impact combinations. Every skoah product is packed with high performance ingredient combinations, but sometimes combining certain products can give your skin a 1-2 punch that gets you game face ready a little more quickly. Below, I've listed my 3 current favourites.

In general, my skin is pretty dry. I also love hydration. While I generally lean on kleansing lotion to get my skin clean but also hydrated, I have been adding a couple pumps of charcoal kleanser to pull toxins from my t-zone and prevent the occasional breakout I experience on my forehead.

As a Mom of 4 with a TON of work travel and an erratic schedule, my in a jiffy combo is to apply a layer of the charcoal mask, kalm down mask, or moisture induce mask OVER my aha mask. In doing so, I can do 2 masks in almost the same amount of time. I apply a slightly thinner layer of the aha and let it soak in a bit. Then depending on my skin's needs (charcoal for detoxing pores, kalm down to help calm my skin, or moisture induce for really dry skin) I apply a layer over top. I massage it all in, and then wait about 15 minutes before removing. To really save time, I actually do this when I wake up, then jump in the shower and remove at the end of my shower.

Finally, I love to have my skin look dewey. So, when I apply my Illuminating Perfecting Tint (I use a combination of natural and sunset, blending depending on my skin's colour), I add a pump of skin quench serum. This really helps the product blend nicely, and leaves a super light sheer tint.

Happy cocktailing!

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