Is my booking account different from my account I use to shop at

Yes, your booking account is linked to your email that you’ve provided to us in-store, and will have you set a new password when you log in for the first time. This account is different than the one you use to shop online.

Why do I have to enter my credit card?

To reserve your spot, we do require a credit card for our cancellation policy. Please provide 24 hours of notice to change or cancel your appointment, otherwise this will result in a 50% charge of your service fee. This is not to charge you for your appointment, you can pay however you like once you’ve had your facial. You’ll only have to provide this information once per facial shop (unless you get a shiny, new credit card).

I can’t seem to see my membership discount?

Have no fear! If you have a membership and are booking online, your membership discount will be applied at your appointment.

I have a facial certificate / gift card, how do I use this to book?

Since we do not actually take payment until your appointment, you do not have to enter any code or gift card number online to book your appointment. Please book the regular priced facial you’d like to enjoy, and bring your certificate or gift card to your appointment and we’ll take care of the rest.