Winter Skincare Must-Haves

Winter Skincare Must-Haves

Is it just us, or is this the first winter you've ever heard the term "bomb cyclone?" Regardless, if you frequent any of our shops, then it's safe to say you inhabit an area where winter weather is not just something you hear about on the evening news, you're living in it.

Thus, every year, we adapt. We throw snow tires on our cars, start popping vitamin D, and trade in our iced lattes for a molten hot mocha anything. You may start visualization exercises where you're on a white sandy beach to help cope with not seeing the sun for days. But the fact remains that the frigid air is harsh, and the heat you keep cranking up is sucking the life right out of your skin. Winter is not kind on our body’s biggest organ, so it's important to make the necessary changes to keep your skin functioning optimally. If you aren’t sure how to keep your skin looking and feeling good all winter long, we're here to help! Below are some steps and products you can incorporate into your routine to help maintain and restore your glow!

Use a Moisture Rich, Soap-Free Cleanser

Dehydrated, red, irritated skin? The answer could be as simple as switching to a moisture rich, sulfate-free cleanser. Soap acts as a detergent and diminishes important surface oils; stripping the skin, and adding to the already negative effects that winter weather brings. Your natural skin oils are a key factor in retaining moisture for hydrated skin. Consistent disruption of the oil balance could lead to premature aging, as dehydrated skin is more prone to lines and wrinkles.

Product Recommendation:

kream kleanser - This ultra-luxe cleanser is great for dry, sensitive skin. Packed with plant extracts, rich shea butter, and a calming peptide


Dry, dead skin builds up faster in the winter months, resulting in a dull appearance, and creating a barrier between it and that sweet, sweet moisture your skin is craving.

Product Recommendation:

aha mask - Using a gentle exfoliant like our AHA mask 2-3x a week will remove the buildup of dead skin cells that are blocking the moisturizing ingredients from getting through.

Use a Hydrating Toner

The benefit of using a hydrating toner, is it returns your skin's PH back to normal after cleansing, so you're essentially working with a balanced canvas. An added benefit is that it removes any traces of dirt, oil, makeup or dead skin cells that may be leftover after cleansing or exfoliating.

Product Recommendation:

Tonik- This moisturizing toner is infused with hyaluronic acid, cucumber and other plant extracts. It's alcohol free, so it won't strip your skin of its natural oils. A few spritz of this directly onto your skin or applied with a cotton pad will leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Pro tip: Immediately following your toner, apply your serum or moisturizer while your skin is still damp from the tonik, as moist skin is better at absorbing active ingredients than dry skin.


"But it's cloudy outside, and I'm not going to be out for long, do I really need to wear SPF?" Roughly 87% of the harmful, cancer causing UV rays still penetrate through the clouds, fog and mist. The other common misconception is that cold, snowy-winter days keep you safe from the sun. The Environmental Protection Agency says that sunlight reflecting off snow can double the strength of UV rays. Better to be safe than sorry with this one!

Product Recommendation:

dewlux lite- dewlux lite includes SPF 30, keeping your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays when applied 15 mins prior to heading outdoors (or near a window) It also boasts a shea butter base, increasing its lipid content to provide the added moisture needed this time of year. Bonus: It smells dreamy.


What is multi-masking, you ask? Simply put, it's using several different treatments at the same time to get a customized skin remedy. Congestion in your t-zone? Red, irritated cheeks? Flaky forehead? Office counterpart keeping the thermostat set at a steady moisture zapping boil? Multi-mask!

Product Recommendations:

hydradew- Chock full of glycosaminoglycans, an ingredient 10x more hydrating than aloe vera, this mask is a drink of water for your skin

moisture induce mask- A treatment that heals and smooths out rough, dry skin.

kalm down mask- It's all in the name! Vitamin E, highly refined olive oil, shea butter, bearberry...these ingredients work together to calm, and soothe skin.


If you're not familiar with the purpose of a serum, here is the rundown. A serum is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns.

Product Recommendation:

skin quench serum- This hydrating facial concentrate contains vitamin e and ceramides. The ceramides strengthen the skin, while vitamin e calms and soothes. Skin quench serum is intensely hydrating. Last but not least...

A Winter Favourite That Stands Alone

face balm- Whether you're a winter sports enthusiast, or you have to brave a long cold bus stop wait morning and night, face balm is the answer to the age old question: "where is all the moisture going?!" This treatment balm soothes, calms and protects. Apply it as a protective barrier before you hit the slopes, spot treatment if you're feeling particularly dry and patchy in a small area, or apply as a rich night treatment over your face kream to lock in the moisture.

Implement one, or all of these steps into your winter skincare repertoire and your skin will be in great shape to take on whatever this unpredictable season can bring, "bomb cyclones" and all.

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