Why we made the Dream Kream

Why we made the Dream Kream

This October, we are launching the much anticipated Dream Kream night kream. This product is about 18 months in the making. When we started created products, I was 27 years old and many of our customers were that much younger than we all are today. In short, our amazing customers have grown up with us! And over the years, we've been great listeners in understanding more and more about what they would like us to create. The Dream Kream came out of a conversation I found myself in with about 8 women one evening at Happy Hour. 


All of them were over 40 and some much more. And as we discussed our favourite products, they were all drawn to one particular night cream that they liked some of the results of but hated some of the other attributes of it. So off I went to find it. I had reviewed the ingredients and the reviews all night but wanted to try it for myself. I ponied up the few hundred $ to test run the product. It nailed a couple of needs on the head. My dry and super sensitive skin felt moisturized. But I could see within a few days and by reviewing the ingredients that it was a little light on transformational active ingredients. The smell was not desirable, and I started to breakout which is rare for me. 


I thought about the higher quality lipids we already use in our products: highly refined olive oil, shea butter, cucumber or coconut-based hydrators and lipids. And how using these with as many actives as I could look at to handle the different types of benefits a night cream should provide. These include peptides to work on fine lines, peptides to manage hyperpigmentation, another peptide that is amazing at smoothing the appearance of deeper vertical lines. Ceramides to strengthen your skin. And to counterbalance the actives, vitamin e in a dose high enough to ensure the skin remains calm and smooth. 


And after several versions and turns and tests, we landed on the dreamiest night kream ever. I'm in love and we are all so proud of this product. It packs a lot of punch while you drift away. Thank you for the continued feedback and ideas and participation in creating skin care products we are all proud to share. 

Sweet dreams! 

Andrea Mundie

Co-Founder & CEO


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