The pH Ride

The pH Ride

This is the time of year when we notice a lot of people tell us their skin feels tingly at times throughout the facial. Many times, we are asked if we've changed the formula, or we hear people think they've developed an allergy to something. There are a few different reasons for this. But this is generally related to plunging the skin into low acidity and then back to relatively high alkalinity, and back to neutral/slightly acidic. Let me explain. 


When we do a chemical exfoliation using an alpha hydroxy acid (vs a physical one using manual exfoliation like a scrub), the process involves taking the skin's pH level down low. When we do standard facial, this is about 3.8. When we do a more intensive peel, around 3.2. This is how the chemical exfoliators work best, and also why it can feel stimulating. Then we remove the peel and bring the pH way back up to alkalinity using the kalm down mask. This process calms and soothes the skin but may feel a bit tingly while your skin is 'taking the ride'. From there, we remove the mask and bring your skin back to a slightly acidic state of about 5.5 when we use a moisturizer. 


But during the transition of seasons, it is very common to feel stimulation more than usual. This is because as the weather cools a bit, our skin has more sensitivity to this process. As we mature, we may also have more tingling as well. Skin becomes slightly thinner in the epidermal layers through the maturing process. 


Over time, we may notice that just like when we work out our bodies, our skin can become more conditioned to the pH ride. So, if you have not had a facial for quite a while, you may notice more sensitivity to the process described above. This is common coming out of the summer months where we've been away on vacations and in general probably less disciplined about our facials and routines. 


Skin generally looks it's best in a very slightly acidic state. So skoah products sit slightly acidic. This also supports sensitivity, so we can incorporate high performing active ingredients without the feeling of irritation. 


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