summer tips: summer skin with skoah!

summer tips: summer skin with skoah!

Summer is inevitably here, and we’ve got some sweet summer tips to keep your skin ready for whatever summer throws at you:

SPF up!

Those rays of sun are gorgeous and they sure do creep up on you. Having SPF in your moisturizer and lotion is a super easy way to remember to apply SPF! Our favourite way to get a dewy summer glow is to use our dewlux 30 (switch it up from your regular dewlux). Fair warning though, you’re going to go summer lovin’ crazy for the scent. Our body lotion 30 will help cover the rest of your body with hydration but also sun protection! If you’re going to be out in the sun all day and want full sun protection, reapply your body lotion 30 every 30 minutes.

Get flip-flop ready!

Our feet treat foot spray is your summer foot saviour. Spray whenever you need to reinvigorate your feet, it really helps to cool and soften those overworked feet. Also gets rid of any odors, so you can spray it in your shoes if needed.  If you don’t have time for a full foot treatment, just use our smooth kicks lotion! Now get those stinky shoes off and get out there.

Hello legs!

Our body skrub is now formulated with ground pumice, and is perfect for polishing away dead winter skin. Bonus: use our shave kream! It’s not just for men, keep your gams silky smooth with our fabulous shave kream- the meadowfoam softens hair for the closest shave, and highly refined olive oil keeps skin glowingly moisturized.

Keep cool!

The fridge is your best friend for the summer, but it’s not just for your food, keep some of our products in there so you can have a burst of refreshing coolness while also keeping your skin happy and healthy. Our favourite fridge keepers are hydradew, feet treat, any of our toniks, and eye kandy gel

Don’t be afraid of water!

We know you want to go for a swim, but it does do some crazy things to your skin. Have no fear though; all you need to do is apply some face balm before going! After swimming, if your face is feeling dry, you can even cocktail our face balm and moisture induce mask to get rid of that itchy, tight and dry feeling. Trust us, it’ll feel amazing and your skin will thank you.

What’s your skoah summer tip?

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