roadtrip: from sea to sky to best trip ever

roadtrip: from sea to sky to best trip ever

First Stop: British Columbia

It's still summer and if you haven't gone on a roadtrip yet, now is the time! If you live in Vancouver (or Seattle, Calgary, or you're visiting from farther away) here is an awesome one day or two day roadtrip up to Whistler. Yes, you can go to Whistler when there is no snow and it is still amazing!

Sea to Sky Highway
Start with taking a scenic drive from downtown Vancouver over the Lions Gate Bridge and onto the Sea to Sky highway. Even this drive alone is breathtaking enough as you go up North along the coast.

The Chief
Vancouverites are known for their hiking, so take a stop at The Chief in Squamish to hike up peak 1 for an amazing view. It is a bit of a climb up though, so make sure you bring enough water and snacks. Peak 1 will take approximately 3 hours to go up and down, and if you wanted a longer hike then you could tackle peak 2 and peak 3! Doing the other peaks would take approximately 6 hours so if you did want a longer roadtrip you should take advantage of this.

Sea to Sky Gondola
Hiking not your thing? Or you want more views? The Sea to Sky Gondola is also located in Squamish so take a seat and ride up the gondola or check out the suspension bridge. It's a great way to keep the trip rolling after your hike, or to relax and enjoy the "beautiful British Columbia" scenery.

The destination for everyone in the winter is also an equally as amazing destination in the summer. With activities ranging from ziplining to spas, there is something for every roadtripper. Spend the night here if you want to do a multiple day trip, and take advantage of that range of activities.

Joffres Lake
If you're looking for more to do on this trip, take another hike up to Joffres Lake and be astounded by this magical blue lake! While it may look like blue kool-aid, we can say from experience it doesn't taste like it, but it is a cool dip (okay cold dip) to get away from the summer heat.

Choose your own roadtrip adventure, or try ours out and let us know how it goes!

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