Repair Your Glow

Repair Your Glow

As we near the end of the summer season, it’s time to give our skin much-needed love after a season of summer indulgences - think summer dips in chlorinated pools, happy hours of “yes way frose” and a little too much time out in the sun. Summer skin can have redness, roughness and pigmentation. It’s time to repair that glow!  

Step 1 - Erase away summer damage. Having a peel post summer is a great way to exfoliate and clear away any build up of impurities on the skin, as well as improve overall texture and clarity. A peel is a great way to also decrease the appearance of any hyperpigmentation (aka sun-damage from the UV rays!). 

Step 2 - Go wild with moisture. Summer mainstays such as chlorine, salt water and UV rays all dry your skin. That plus lack of hydration can cause your skin to lack glow and radiance. Up the moisture in your routine with rich moisturizers and masks. Our end of summer favourite is the kalm down mask - rich with shea butter, this mask also helps reduce signs of irritation and redness, along with having antibacterial properties to bring clarity to your skin. 

Step 3 - Heal your skin. A common occurrence during summer is an increase in blemishes due to a combination of products, makeup and sweat, which leads to clogged pores and irritation. Our go-to for healing is the +copper peptide concentrate. Copper plays an important role in the physiological processes for maintaining healthy skin, and when applied topically can be an effective skin regeneration agent. Copper increases wound healing and fight off bad bacteria while maintaining good bacteria which helps decrease the presence of blemishes! 

Mix the +copper peptide concentrate into the kalm down mask and apply a generous layer to your skin overnight. This repair pair will give your skin the 1-2 punch it needs to repair your glow!

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