personalize your skin care

personalize your skin care

We all have our go-to routine, our favourite set of products, but unfortunately just like how the season's change our skin is changing too. Here are some common skin conditions we see and how to change up your skin care routine to tackle it. One change in products can make all the difference!


You don't have to have a dry skin type to experience dryness in your skin. Some weeks it's windy, some days we don't drink enough water, there are so many simple things that cause dryness. Depending on the tightness and frequency you feel you can add different types of hydration to your skin.

CLEANSER - Tackle dryness as a daily part of your routine by switching to cleanser to kream kleanser and using that twice a day. Not only does it contain olive oil extract, but it also contains shea butter to ensure you're smooth and soft every time you wash your face. Apply dry, massage into your skin, and rinse.

MASK - The easiest way to add hydration is adding a layer of hydradew mask underneath your moisturizer. Hydradew is oil-free so it's a perfect way for anyone to add a burst of hydration to their skin at any time of year.

SERUM - If your skin is feeling tight consistently even after your moisturizer, then adding a pump of skin quench serum to your routine will make a huge difference. Don't be scared by its lipid form, use it at night and your skin will refreshed before you wake up.

SPOT TREAT - Only have one flaky area of skin that just won't go away? Add face balm over your moisturizer to this area. It'll ensure you get the moisture you need and protect it from any other drying factors.


They can happen consistently or just come out of nowhere- blemishes are very common and there are many ways to help prevent and treat them.

CLEANSER - The charcoal kleanser not only detoxifies your skin, but it contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil. You can swap this with your regular cleanser, or use it for a monthly deep cleanse.

TONER - Often people begin noticing blemishes when they are becoming more active or finding themselves outdoors more frequently. The sudden sweat and dirt that gets added to your life may not sit well with your skin, so a great way to help prevent these from becoming blemishes is to introduce turbo tonik into your routine. You can either use this as a regular toner, or use it just after your sweat.

SPOT TREAT - Kick-it kream is great for hydrating your skin and you can definitely use it as a night spot treatment. If you have larger areas of blemishes, then you add a layer of klearity mask underneath your moisturizer to any affected area. The klearity mask is also clear so perfect for day use if you want to leave it on.


Your skin might not always be sensitive but suddenly you're finding yourself flushing from the change in weather. Even simple things like shaving can cause redness or sensitivities!

SERUM - If even the slightest wind is causing your face to flush, then definitely incorporate one to two pumps of kontrol serum into your routine. You can use this once daily, or when you are noticing your skin to be more sensitive.

MASK - Sometimes your skin can be irritated and you might not know why. Apply kalm down mask either to your entire face as a mask or to affected areas.

BODY - What about irritation from shaving? Well shave kream would be a good first step, but don't forget to treat any shaved areas with aftershave gel! It'll also hydrate your skin (oil-free), so you can't go wrong.

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