personal training for your skin.

Personal training for your skin addresses two distinct desires: to enjoy an incredibly relaxing facial and healthier skin. Think of your skoah experience as a partnership between skoah and your skin. Healthy, glowing skin results from regular facials and a customised product assortment based on both your lifestyle AND skin care needs. This expertise is delivered to you by extensively trained skoah skin care specialists:

  • Skin Care Trainers – skin focussed estheticians
  • Skin Care coaches – skin savvy retail associates

Most people don’t realize their skin care needs change several times over the course of a year. Travel, weather, hormonal changes and environment greatly impact your skin. Navigating this and making adjustments to your personal program can help you get the results you want all year round.

Everyone’s skin has unique needs, but it is important to create a program that works with your lifestyle and time you can give to your skin care program. Just like a personal fitness program, it is only beneficial if it will work easily into the life you live.