eye kandy gel

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Reduce puffiness, discolouration, and dark circles with the eye power tetrapeptide blend. This oil-free eye gel contains peptides, sea kelp algae, hyaluronic acid and vitamin e. Formulated for the gentle and thinner skin around the eyes, this oil-free formula is perfect for those with oilier skin or prone to milia.

how to

Roll the gel around your eye bones gently. A nice little massage for your peepers. Apply generously to the eye area twice daily.

good for

  • aging

  • dryness

  • firmness

  • wrinkles


  • moisturizing

  • oil-control

  • brightening

  • gentle

key ingredients

eye power tetrapeptide

A powerful peptide blend that reduces skin puffiness, discolouration and dark circles.

sea kelp alginate

A powerhouse oil-free ingredient derived from algae found in the Pacific Ocean. It helps to hydrate your skin without leaving a thick heavy feeling.

hyaluronic acid

A powerful humectant that is derived from cucumbers. It keeps your skin hydrated by binding to water to give it a fresh and dewy effect.

works well with

pack even more anti-oxidants and peptides into your routine with our dewlux face kream and vitamin c concentrate

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best eye gel EVER!!!

Best eye cream! I've bought drug store, mid price and high end eye dreams for over 35 years. Most are too thick and irritate my contacts. Bought this for first time after a Skoah facial and loved this!!! Fan for life ❤️

This Eye Kandy is pretty sweet!

Love this Eye Kandy Gel! It glides on well around the eyes - one pass is enough for me. The roll-on type applicator is smooth and gentle. It is unscented and doesn't irritate the eyes at all! The gel is completely absorbed leaving the delicate eye area moisturized and firm.

Laura L.
Best Eye Product Ever!

This is the only eye product that I have been able to see consistent results from. The formula makes it very easy to apply. I also loved how the gel never got in my eyes!

Has the formula changed?

I bought this a year ago at a skoah store and I really like it, however, the ingredients on my bottle do not match the ingredients listed on this page. The one I have has been great under my eyes instead of cream, and I also love using it as an all over serum when traveling. I'd give it 5 stars if it is indeed the same formula. Just concerned about the difference in ingredients on the website?