travel kit

Travel in style with this 6-pack of travel-sized skin savers. 

Choose based on your skin type or adventure and bring us with you! 

The glow achiever: Great for most skin! Put your best face forward with our gel kleanser, skrubbin' face wash, tonik, kalm down mask, face skotion, and dewlux face kream.

The heavy hitter: Dry skin? Layer on and rehydrate with kleansing lotion, tonik, AHA mask, kalm down mask, hydradew mask, and face kream.

The problem solver: For when your skin feels a bit oily. Includes gel kleanser, turbo tonik, AHA mask, klearity mask, hydradew mask, and face skotion.

The adventurer: A travel kit that's ready when you are. Has our waterless kleanser, invigor-mint shampu, invigor-mint konditioner, pep talk body wash, pep talk body lotion, and shave kream.

Travel Kits are FINAL SALE

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how to use

For day to day facial care- Step 1: Start with your cleanser (gel kleanser, kleansing lotion, waterless kleanser) Step 2: Tone your skin (tonik, turbo tonik) Step 3: Apply any masks, lightest to heaviest (hydradew mask, AHA mask, klearity mask, kalm down mask) Step 4: End your facial routine with your moisturizer (face kream, dewlux face kream, face skotion)