+retinol concentrate - the ace of your routine

+retinol concentrate - the ace of your routine

skoah-holics – you been asking and now you shall finally receive!

Introducing the +retinol concentrate featuring skoah’s premium retinol complex at 1.5%. The product will the ace of your routine as it also contains allantoin, vitamin c and vitamin e!

Allantoin is a calming agent which allows this product to be suitable for more skin types.

Vitamins C & E give skin antioxidant ammunition to fight damage from free radicals.

Vitamin C also stabilizes the retinol ensuring the product maintains its efficacy and doesn’t oxidize quickly.


What is retinol?

Retinol is an antioxidant and an important skin-restoring ingredient. Whether wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone, clogged pores, and red or darkened flaws are your concerns, retinol can make all the difference in the world. Regardless of your age or skin type, retinol is a superstar skin-saver you need to know about. 

When skin is affected by environmental assault (and everyone’s skin is) or you have signs of aging, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, and skin prone to bumps, retinol steps in and seems to intuitively know what your skin needs to minimize those concerns.

In short, lots of things about your skin’s appearance can improve when you use retinol to boost your skin care routine.

Once retinol has been applied to skin, it goes to work helping skin normalize skin’s look and feel, working in tandem with other ingredients proven to visibly diminish numerous skin concerns.


How does retinol work?

Retinol binds to the skins retinoid receptors that are naturally occurring in the skin. This initiates a response of cellular rejuvenation. Retinol also thickens the dermis. As we age our dermis thins.

For oily and blemished skin retinol promotes the reversal of comedogenesis, leading to the reduction of microcomedos, which is the cause of blackheads, blemishes and acne.  Also, if the pH of a formula is below pH 7; the Retinol can perform a mild exfoliation thus breaking down comedones.


Benefits of using retinol:

When you start using a product containing an appropriate amount of retinol for your skin type, you will love what starts happening to your skin because of the marked improvements that come from using this ingredient. The reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved elasticity, and a more even skin tone are just some of the benefits you'll reap.

Retinol also helps promote a firmer look, healthier-looking skin, and naturally turns around concerns like dullness and rough texture. With retinol, you’ll see renewed, younger-looking radiance, a remarkably smoother appearance, and a noticeable feeling of firmness.

It is important, though, to support your use of retinol with other products that help increase its effectiveness. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is always critical. Even the most effective, research-proven anti-aging ingredients like retinol won’t work as you want them to if you’re not diligent about daily sun protection.


Who can use retinol?

Any skin type can use retinol, but fair or sensitive skin types should be extra cautious as it may be harder for them to adjust to the potent ingredient. 

Retinol is not recommended for people who have skin that’s been over-exfoliated (from at-home or in-office treatments), or skin that’s sun-damaged. It should also be noted that pregnant women should not use retinol.

This product is not recommended for anyone who are currently using Retinoic Acid (prescription Retinol), but could be used as an alternative maintenance program post-prescription. 


How to incorporate and use skoah’s +retinol concentrate:

  • It’s a ‘low and slow’ approach.
  • Start 1-2x a week and slowly build up to daily usage.
  • Use at night only as retinol will make your skin sensitive to sunlight and always use an SPF during the day.



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