5 Reasons to Love our Papaya Enzyme Mask

5 Reasons to Love our Papaya Enzyme Mask

In the spirit of exfoliating to reveal glowing, radiant skin. We want to reveal what exactly is the hype around Papaya Enzymes, or Papain.

This chemical exfoliant is a natural, super-food ingredient with amazing skin benefits that will make you want to stock up on our enzyme mask!

1. Filled with antioxidants

Your skin experiences oxidative stress everyday from environmental aggressors. This damage can lead to various skin concerns such as premature wrinkles, loss of elastin, and a reduction in hydration. Cue antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your skin against free radicals which cause oxidative stress, and can help correct signs of aging, reduce inflammation, prevent sun damage, and generally aid in the skin repair process which leads to happier, healthier skin. 

Papaya is rich in minerals and vitamins A and C. Vitamin C, in particular, is one of the most studied antioxidants that have known benefits such as boosting collagen production to increase skin’s firmness and reducing wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

Comfrey root extract and green tea, the other two key ingredients in our Enzyme Mask are both antioxidants which protect skin from free radicals and bacteria.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation can come from many different things that may be difficult to pinpoint how it is triggered. Inflamed skin can mean blotchiness, redness, swelling and itching or even breakouts and dark spots. Papain has anti-inflammatory properties that are able to soothe and calm skin irritation, making it a great ingredient for treating acne and preventing future breakouts. 

Plus, annother key ingredient of the Enzyme Mask is comfrey root extract - an antioxidant which helps soothe inflamed or irritated skin.

3. Reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Papaya enzymes can also help with hyper-pigmentation which can occur after breakouts, and can help the skin to recover after any scarring. The combination of enzymes, phytochemical and high beta-carotene content helps to brighten the skin and repair the skin's natural complexion.

4. Gentle exfoliant

Enzyme exfoliants are gentle compared to other alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid or lactic acid - which penetrate deeper into the skin’s barrier. Instead, the much gentler enzymes work solely on the surface of the skin, allowing it to be less stimulating on the skin. 

This makes our Enzyme Mask a great option for those with sensitive skin that may have been irritated by more potent acids.

5. For all skin types

The Enzyme Mask is great for all skin types and can be used to address various skin concerns due to the many benefits of Papaya Enzymes. To use, apply a thin layer on the skin for 10-15 minutes. We recommend using 2-3 times per week for glowing, radiant skin!

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