Our Customers

a sampling of comments from customer emails

Charmaine, Vancouver
"Awesome.  Fantastic.  Amazing.  Sweet.  Memorable."

Jenny, Denver
"After years and years of searching.  I have finally found a product that works.  So thank you, thank you. thank you!"

Chris, San Francisco
"We've been ranting and raving about you guys to everyone we should get some more shoppers from San Francisco soon."

Amy, Vancouver
"I appreciate the simplicity of the skoah system"

Lucy, New York
"The tonik is great.  I need to use it more!"

Bronwyn, Vancouver
"Personal training for your skin should be as much a part of everyone's routine as brushing your teeth."

Julie, Vancouver
"The products are easy to use and make my skin feel energized."

Nikki, Toronto
"I have yet to find a comparable facial anywhere in Toronto, New York or L.A.!"

Tania, Vancouver
"My skin has never been better.  I love the tonik!  I love the skotion lite!  I'm sold!"

Shawn, Vancouver
"I love the face kream.  It makes my skin really soft and it keeps my face moist for hours."

Annie, Los Angeles
"Thank you for another wonderful skoah experience.  My skin so appreciates it!"

Andrea, Vancouver
"The foam kleanser and face skrub are working fabulously!  My problem area has cleared up and looks ten times better."

Paula, Vancouver
"The AHA mask is wicked. I can't believe the improvement in my skin!"

Shirley, Toronto
"My skin thanks you."

Clayton, Vancouver
"The products are working great.  I don't even cut myself shaving anymore."

Christine, Vancouver
"I love skoah."

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