Personalized skin care workouts.

All facials are customized to meet the unique needs of your skin, and they also include a healthy dose of muscle-melting massage.

“Had my first ever facial at skoah and it was amazing - can’t stop talking about it to all my friends!” – Stephanie, Vancouver


This classic includes deep cleansing, exfoliating, delicate extractions, detoxifying, stimulating masks and our trademark soothing massage. 75 mins


This facial includes a killer foot facial and deeply soothing scalp massage. Skoah glow-ah guaranteed! 75 mins

tummy and mummy

This facial targets pre-baby skin care concerns such as breakouts & dehydration, and treatment masks will soothe itchy, irritated skin on your belly. 75 mins

double dose

While treatment masks do their work on your face, we'll give you a foot scrub & massage to ensure you're polished from face to toe. 45 mins


In under an hour, you'll enjoy muscle melting massage while powerful masks get your skin in shape. 45 mins


Get cleaned, toned, exfoliated, treated and hydrated for completely skoah-cised skin in under an hour. 45 mins


Created for men, this facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, neck & beard work, and foot treatment. 45 mins


This quickie skin care workout includes a thorough cleaning, exfoliation, skin analysis, and hydrating facial massage. 20 mins

killer foot

Treat your feet! This foot facial and killer foot rub will leave the skin on your feet toe-sucking-worthy. 20 mins

skin gym (full)

Become a skin gym (full) member and use your booking dollars for either 12 fitskin facials or 8 facialiscious facials throughout the year.

skin gym (lite)

Become a skin gym (lite) member and use your booking dollars for either 6 fitskin facials or 4 facialiscious facials throughout the year.