Real Cowboy Hygiene

Jul 06 2012

What is a cowboy? A cowboy is a herder who tends to cattle on a ranch, and as the all-knowing Wikipedia says, all done on horseback! Cowboys came out of the 19th century, and jumped their way straight into legend! However, there’s one tale that escapes the universal folklore of these historic buckaroos: care?

When researching traditional cow-folk hygiene, there were a few key creepy-crawly points I came across:

  1. Cowboys often smelled like their horses due to a collection of bacteria left on the body from not bathing for days on end.
  2. Body odour was the
  3. They slept in dusty clothes and blankets covered in animal hair and other allergens.
  4. Cowboys often suffered from athlete’s foot. Just check out a Clint Eastwood movie for a realistic depiction...yikes

Cowboys and cowgirls adapted to the climate, which was usually cool and dry with the occasional windstorm. Their face, hands, arms, and even their feet were at odds with the elements, and their skin most definitely suffered. Sunburn, dry and cracked heels, tight irritated cheeks – you name it!

Thankfully, skoah has all of the above nasty skin conditions covered for our urban cowboys! You can avoid all the above “cowboy problems” with skoah’s own legendary tradition: the 'Stampede Recovery' facial, which will introduce you to UVA and UVB protection, soothing foot massage, and sunburn relief.

So line dance yourself all the way into your nearest Calgary skoah location! Keep your skin protected so there will be no reason for achy-breaky-hearts!

Looking forward to seeing your collection of flannel shirts and denim!

-Carla & the skoah krew

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