summer skin tips

Jun 19 2012

These days the sun is shining brighter, and lasting longer! This means it’s time to be switching up our winter regimes for summer regimes, looking towards lightly moisturizers and kleansers, adding in lots of SPF, and loading up on glow-y hydrating treats! (Mmmm honeydew)!!

We've collected some major summer tips from our krew that we can't wait to share... read on!

Vanessa (skin care trainer): As well all know, summertime is the time of year when the sun is shining and our skin is very much changing. My skin, for example gets to be so oily that I can wipe my face with a blotting sheet, and it`s still super shiny, and oily! I have to change my products from summer to winter, because if I don`t blemishes, and blackheads like to come out and party!

When it starts to be more warmer outside, I like to switch from face skotion 30 to face skotion lite during the day. The salicylic acid helps to control my oily, and I'm mattified all day long! Instead of face kream during the winter at night, I choose hydradew mask as my night time hydration. The fact that its oil free hydrates me just enough and keeps my oil at bay during the day! Still using gel kleanser during the day and night, turbo tonik as well.

We all need spf, so if I'm feeling dry, face skotion 30 is my ultimate protector. I've also started to use SPF 45 on my body, as faces aren't the only things that can get sun damage!

Sarah (skin care trainer): Exfoliate like crazy! Everyone sheds their winter skin! And since free radicals are in abundance with so much sun time, load up on your SPF!

Kendra (skin care trainer): The skoah product I love for summer is the tonik. I spray it on throughout the day to instantly refresh, and hydrate my skin after a day in the hot sun! It smells great, and helps set my make-up too. I keep it right by my entrance at home, so it’s right there when I walk in.

Marie (skin care coach): a thin layer of hydradew mask under either dewlux 30 or face skotion 30 DAILY. Since you don’t want anything too heavy on your face during hot summer days, hydradew is great for oil-free moisture replenishment… it also looks great under make-up, especially for parched summer skin (no caking and flaking)! And of course the SPF is super important!

Bonus tip: The hydradew mask is key when it comes to overcoming nasty sun burns! It contains glycosaminoglycanes (from vegetable skins), these are 10 times more hydrating than aloe vera!!

Mindy (skin care trainer): store your hydradew mask and aha mask in the fridge! This way they are both cooling and refreshing at the same time!

Amber (skin care trainer): I feel that exfoliation is key! Especially for summer time. I recommend that everyone should be exfoliating with the body skrub every day in the shower from head to toe, making sure that you are exfoliating upwards, and towards the heart because your skin cells are laying flat, moving upwards helps lift them off.

Nicole (krew kaptain): Keep your kalm down maskhandy in case you get too much sun or wind one day! The bearberry extract helps to purify the skin of bacteria!

So there you have it ladies and gents, some key summer skin care tips for summertime skin salvation! If you have any any extra questions make sure to stop by your nearest skoah or send us an email and we'll be happy to answer them!

Happy Summer sko-ettes! We look forward to seeing you in store!

- the skoah krew

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