Kensington turns 1!

Jun 04 2012

This past Wednesday (May 30th), our neighbors and amazing kustomers helped us celebrate our first birthday! A small gathering of about 30 allowed us to have a chance to re-connect with all the people who have made our first year so special and meaningful, and who have been with us for the get-go. Being part of community like the Kensington Village has been such a pleasure and we're so excited to keep moving forward! We feel that being part of this community has no only allowed us to grow and learn, but it has also allowed us to teach and show people what we're made of: skin care training.

So if you're looking for a local place to work out your skin after a face melting yoga class, skoah kensington is where it's at! We'll tone you, and whip your skin into shape. After all your hard work with your skin care trainer you'll be able to show off your new skoah glow-ah while grabbing a matte latte, and doing some vintage shopping - because that is what being in the Kensington Village is all about! Heck yeah!

Keep skoahhh-ing!

-the kensington krew

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