getting... "the tan"

May 23 2012

If you’ve visited any of skoah locations in Calgary, Boston, or Vancouver you’re probably fairly familiar with one of our favorite mantras: “rockin’ a killer skoah glow-ah!” We strongly believe that anyone can feel great from the skin in with the right skin care workouts, and the right equipment! But what does feeling good from the skin in really mean – especially now that summer is on our horizon?

Well, we can’t get enough of exfoliation, and we definitely can’t get enough of hydration! But too often we all forget to consider one of the most important contributions to glowing from the skin: the tan.

Before you take off running to put on your best tan-line-free-bikini hear me out! I’m not telling you pull out the baby oil, and lay yourself out on the roof where the sun can get at you. Oh no!  Not even close! I’m talking about bronzers, and tinted body moisturizers. Co-owner of skoah Andrea Scott shares our philosophy on sun-less tanning: “I am a huge fan of faking a sun tan. We see first hand the results of too much time spent in the sun. Despite what we all may want to believe, our skin is damaged whether it’s sun burned or sun tanned.”

Have no fear my fellow glowettes, I’m going to walk you through the perfect sunless tan. One even Snookie can be envious of! 

After your kleansing, toning, and moisturizing begin with a mineral powder foundation. If you like some extra coverage feel free to apply a sheer mineral foundation, but keep in mind we want to keep our look light and minimal! Once your base is set, it's time to begin adding the bronze. Make sure you have a big fluffy powder brush for best results! 

Start by contouring your cheek bones. The easiest way to do this is to suck your cheeks in and do a fish face! To achieve a balanced contouring effect on both cheeks keep your bronzer in line with the little nub in the center of your ears. Once we've done the cheeks we can pull the bronzer up into the temples, down the bridge of the nose, the chin and under the jaw. Blend the bronzer down your neck to avoid the cheesy neck vs. face color difference. The purpose of bronzer is add color to the skin in areas that you would naturally tan, typically these are the raised areas of your face and chest (so go ahead and accent those collar bones ladies)!! For the best colored bronzers I would suggest our chiiki munki mineral bronze duo, or a darker shade of powder foundation! Please keep in mind that less is always more, and it's okay to layer your bronzer if you feel like you'd like a little more glow!

Now comes the body. You only need 2 simple tools for this rockin' glow-ah: Body scrubbing is the key factor to any self tanner. Apply skoah's body skrub with dry hands to dry skin in circular motions, making sure you're standing over a towel to avoid any mess! When your finished skrubbin' jump in the shower and rinse away the micro-fine beads, now it's time for some glo-tion! Glo-tion will give you a golden glow, just gently massage into the skin. You may add as much or as little as you please! Finish up by applying our SPF 45 with UVA and UVB protection.

There you have it! You can count yourself an expert on rocking a killer skoah glow-ah minus the sun damage. If you needed any extra tips or tricks be sure to drop in on your favorite skoah krew, we LOVE to help!

Talk soon,

- Carla & the skoah krew

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