Urban Campfire

Jul 30 2014

SPF and Summer Skincare

Jul 14 2014

Every year we all need a reminder of how important it is to protect our skin from the sun especially in Vancouver when we don't get a chance to see a lot of it (unless it's peeking out from behind a rain cloud). Let's go over the basics: SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and is an actual number or "factor" that is used to determine the length of time your skin will be protected for. This means that if you are using a product with SPF 30 and you naturally burn without any protection in 10 minutes, you will have 300 minutes of protection (30 SPF x 10 minutes).

Max. Sun Exposure Time = SPF x Minutes to Burn Without Sunscreen

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share-your-kooler Contest!

Jul 08 2014

Here at skoah we love having fun with product, so to kick off our "build-your-kit" summer promotion, we wanted to celebrate with a photo contest! Show us how you use your own cooler at home for a chance to win one even-keeled kit ($140 value!), filled with everything your skin will need to get into top shape this summer as well as your very own skoah kooler and travel kit!

The Gift of Listening - Thanks Dad!

Jun 11 2014
Dave & Andrea
I lost my Dad about 18 months ago and I still can't believe how often I catch myself thinking 'oh I have to tell my Dad about that" before I realize he isn't there to tell. But the thing is, I've realized that telling him is something I still do. On my runs - my time to think and process, I talk to him. I tell him what is happening, ask him questions and ask him for his help. And in so many ways this provides me with a feeling that I have shared something with him. 
You see my Dad was the best listener I have ever been lucky enough to know. He didn't listen to parent me, or tell me what to do or tell me what he thought. He just listened. And listening was the gift he gave me. By listening he showed me that I could solve problems or come to my own insights by talking through the events and thinking about what the possible outcomes or worst case scenarios would be. By listening, he taught me that I was worth listening to and that being heard was super important to feeling valued. 

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