Spring Makeup How-To

Apr 10 2014

Spring is here... isn't it?

You can’t control the weather, but you can control what you make of it. We're embracing the chirping birds (and rainy days) with a fresh new look -  switch out your blacks and greys for pretty pastels and voila! Fresh, fun and lovin' the new season (and the new you). Sorry Ms. Weathergal, our happiness no longer depends on you!

The Before and After:




our best of 2013

Jan 08 2014

Ah, the end of another year. Time to stop for a moment, rest, and look back on last year's accomplishments. Right? Wrong!

If you've followed us at all over the last year, you know that we've had our gears in full overdrive: Opening five new stores, launching a new product line, welcoming a (4th!) child to the skoah family... we're way too excited with what the future holds to stop for even a moment. But then it hit us - we had some pretty incredible milestones this year! A little modest braggery but hey, we worked hard for it!

So here it is - our top 10 most memorable moments of 2013:

1) Celebrated our 12th birthday with friends in Vancouver & Calgary



part two: gen y'ers

Nov 07 2013

As promised, here is the second part to my original post about working with Generation Y. I will admit that taking the time to think about this generation has actually been helpful. In this past few weeks I have had the opportunity to spend more time in our stores and work alongside our teams. It has struck me that the co-existence between the various ages in our stores and our Store Support Centre is extremely positive.

In my last post I explained some of the experiences we have had during interviews with those in the Generation Y category. These include inexperienced candidates expecting Senior Management positions, being on the continual quest to locate and then execute their 'passions' and looking for a job where they can have any time off they desire without consideration of how this would impact the team they work with.

feeling grateful - a note from a skoah associate made my weekend!

Oct 23 2013
On Sunday night, we received the email below from one of our incredible Skin Care Trainers. It literally made our weekend. When we speak about growing the company I am sometimes asked 'why do you want to grow'. The answer is two fold. First, since opening more than one location we have been excited by how skoah becomes meaningful in completely different communities. Whether it is Boston, Calgary or Vancouver, skoah means something positive and we have created incredible customer experiences in multiple places. So in short, the opportunity is there for growth in multiple communities.

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