Who is Skoah

skoah is a personal skin care company based in Vancouver, Canada. We create skin care products that do what they say they will do. We create skin care training programs that not only fit your skin, but fit into your life-no matter how busy you are. Personal training for your skin™ is what we do. 

skoah products and services were created by our kommunity of customers and krew members. We launched our line with 5 products. By listening to feedback, asking for ideas and opinions and by focusing on creating the world’s best facials and skin care products, we have created a constantly evolving line of face, hair and body care products. Our products must deliver results, they must integrate science and nature, and they must be simple to understand.

skoah is owned by Chris and Andrea Scott. Retail and customer experience lovers, their focus is on creating ecstatic customers, one face at a time. But skoah is not about them. It’s about the skin care trainers and coaches that listen to their customers, create a personalized and constantly changing plan for everyone, and build powerful relationships with each guest.

From a single location in Yaletown to multiple locations 10 plus years later, to an online store amd hotel amenities program, skoah is focused on being one of the world’s leading skin care product companies.


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